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A preorder works in the following way, a client buys a specific product and in that exact moment we command the production of the specific size and model ordered. 

We WON’T REFUND any piece bought under PREORDER label. Because that money was money that we didn't have before so we cannot cover all the expenses of all the people who want to refund their orders.
To go on, a preorder usually takes up to 35 days. Right now the products that where under PREORDER label are the following ones:
Removable Starpants; Rookiestar Double Zip (green, black, purple); Wavestich Polo & Rookies T. (beige, grey). Only between the dates of 14 December and 9 of February
BHOTY (blue, grey, V1 and V2, paso fino). Only between the dates of 7 October and 29 of February.
There is no right of 14 days returns or exchange for any product bought under PREORDER label because it's a product that is produced on demand.